February 08, 2007

New Book Review: Love and Crime!

I'd Tell you I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You by Ally Carter

This was Alias meets high school. Cameron Morgan is a Gallagher Girl. Translation, she's being trained to be a spy at her private school. She and her other soon-to-be-licensed-to-kill gal pals speak in multiple language, have been using roundhouse kicks for years, and absolutely don't know how to act around normal boys. To make it even worse, Cameron's mother is the principal of said school and so her problems are multiplied. Of course, Cameron meets a normal boy and can't tell him who she really is.

She finds herself on a tight balance, trying to date her hottie and do well in classes such as CoveOps, where she learns to trail people successfully on the DL. Her friends all call her the Chameleon for obvious reasons. What she really loves about her new boypal is that he seems to notice her, whereas usually she has been taught to blend in to the background.

There is a town vs. gown kind of rivalry going on, as well. The townie folk don't trust those Gallagher Girls. They are thought to be snooty and rich. While the Gallagher Girls are for the most part wealthy, they certainly aren't snooty, just can't reveal who they really are to most people. So Cammie has to pretend she is NOT a Gallagher Girl, causing her to tell lie after lie. You know she is going to be caught eventually, but you sympathize because this is her first boyfriend.

There are a lot of funny moments: the girls get ready dressed up for the CoveOps class (the teacher is really hot) only to find themselves facing the creepier paranoid chemistry teacher. I also laughed out loud as said boyfriend drove a forklift into a building while Cammie is performing a simulated heist. He thinks she is being kidnapped. I also enjoyed when they learn how to learn dirt on people through what is in someone's trash. Next thing you know, Cammie, Bex, and the other girls are looking through the boy's trash collecting notes and candy wrappers like they are evidence.

It is an enjoyable read for girls that are sick of the whole Clique or Gossip Girl scene. These are REAL girls with REAL problems (dead parents, how to tell if a boy likes you, choosing your friends over boys). It also had humor reminiscent of Kiki Strike. The girls are feeling bonded as they connect themselves to rappelling cables.

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