March 05, 2007

Celebrate Teen Tech Week with Runescape

This past Saturday, we celebrated Teen Tech Week by having teens come to the library and play Runescape after the library was closed. Runescape is this multi-player game where players create a character and collect items so they can complete quests. There is a good bit of information on You can click here to read. It was a really easy event to pull off. Little or no preparation was needed. I just asked the teens to set up their avatar in advance and complete the training (about 20 minutes for most gamers) before the event. This way the two hours was used to play and not to learn how to play.

One thing to be cautious of is that Runescape is explicitly for players 13 and up. There are a ton of people who play that are not 13, but they are not supposed to play without a parent in the room. Also, parents are asked to create the accounts for players under the age of 13. There is chatting in the game and younger children who aren’t aware of internet security issues could unknowingly put themselves in danger.

We had ten teens show up. They were so quiet and well behaved. They were a little talkative, but nothing especially loud. It made me wish all the people who think teens can’t behave could have seen this group. Some of them hardly made a peep; the others were quietly chatting to each other.

While the teens were playing, I explored Second Life for the first time. It was a lot of fun trying things out for the first time. I can’t play at home since my computer has a Windows ME operating system, but I can do it some at work during off-desk times. I think this will continue to become more prevalent in our society has time goes on. My Second Life avatar is Zee Petrov, by the way, if anyone wants to add me to their friend list.

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