June 05, 2007

I Just Met Harry and the Potters!

Last night, the first ever Wizard Rock band came to my library system. And it just happened to be the most famous Wizard Rock band out there, none other than Paul and Joe from Harry and the Potters. The evening truly exceeded my greatest expectations.

The show was set to start at 7:30. The hosting library heard of the crowds this band has gathered in the past and received permission to close the library at 6 p.m. so the band could have time to setup.

The group pulled in around 5:30 p.m. It was the Potters themselves, plus their crew, a drummer, Marty (the amazing sock puppet portraitist and their roadie), and Emily, who lended a hand in taking care of sales of gads and gads of t-shirts and CDs. I bought a green "Save Ginny" shirt. They were setup by 6:15 and ready to rock. I must say, all 5 of them were very well mannered and professional.

We opened the doors around 6:45 to allow the fans in and for the sales to begin. We still are not sure how many people showed up, but the door counter added up over 700 hits last night. Fans of all shapes, sizes, and ages came and plopped down to save their spot near the stage. Some people were dressed up, but many just came in Muggle clothes.

The library was rocking. People were dancing, jumping, singing, etc. Several outlandish girls in the front kept touching Paul's guitar and cords. It was very funny. They sang all of the songs I was hoping for: This Book is so Awesome, Save Ginny, Wizard Chess, Phoenix Tears, etc. The best was at the end when they sang The Power of Love accompanied by a bubble machine, which poured bubbles all over the stage and the fans. Everyone loved it. I was happy to see that many teens from both my old library and my current one made the trip over to this library to watch the show.

Books a Million sold books and refreshments and sponsored the event. It was truly a fabulous evening. All of the band members signed my shirt and headed out on their way to Atlanta. As soon as I get the pictures, I will post them on the blog. If you get a chance to book these guys, do it without hesitation. Next on the list: I hope to see Draco and the Malfoys in my area very soon.

Here is link to the band's website
A link to their myspace
You can hear their music and read where their tour is headed.

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Wow, sounds like a blast!!