October 24, 2007

Movie Review: Millions

Damian is a very imaginative 7-year old who has just moved into a new house with his older brother and widower father. Damian is one of those rare little boys who would rather read than play sports. Would rather think about what could be than what is. His main interest is the Saints, as he believes his mum is now a saint in heaven. He hopes that by learning about the Saints and being like them, he might one day see his mum again.

One day, he drags all of the discarded moving boxes behind his house by the railroad track to make himself a fort. As the train passes by, a bag full of pounds falls off. To Damian, it seems like the package dropped from the sky, possibly from his mum. At first, Damian only tells his brother Anthony what has happened.

This quickly becomes their dirty secret, and each boy sets out to use the money in opposite ways. Anthony wants to live the grand life, investing in real estate and using his money as bait for friends in his new school. Anthony quickly forms a posse, who do everything for him from cycling him to school to removing his sunglasses for him and even standing in the lunch line for him.

Our saintly Damian, however, has his heart set on one thing: to give as much money to the poor as he can. He does this by grabbing homeless people off the street and buying them Pizza Hut. He gives his money to the "poor" Latter Day Saints, who have given up worldly possessions. He even grabs a bum in the backyard who says he is poor. Every time Damian finds these folks he kindly asks, "Are you poor?"

October 18, 2007

Library Display: Teen Read Week

Sarah and I made an awesome window display in the library foyer to promote Teen Read Week. We wanted to make it look like teen spaces we have seen at home or at school. Key pieces were a backpack and a locker.

We based the backpack on a project Sarah did with our TAB. She had the teens bring in their backpacks so we could see what is in a teen's backpack these days. How do they fold their notes?

What tools of trade do they bring (ipods, brushes, candy)? What toys are they carrying? She made still lifes from the teens' backpacks.