March 12, 2008

Book Review: Candy in Action by Matthue Roth

Candy is the girl we all want to be: smart, beautiful, popular, and seemingly cold as ice. She runs with the pretty people all over the globe, mostly her wealthy friend, Velma. Although her parents are wealthy, she chooses to live on her own economic means. She goes to college, works part-time as a waitress, and part-time as a model. Where love is concerned, she makes herself as unavailable as possible. She is aware of her good lucks and effect on men and uses it to full advantage.

All seems kosher until she achieves the ultimate celebrity dream and meets her own personal stalker, a rich man named Preston with access to all sorts of transportation and manpower. He wants to hunt her down and force her to date him. When she refuses, he brings in manpower. Candy is equally determined not to date him and runs around the globe trying to avoid him. Oh, and did I mention she knows kung fu?

About the same time, she meets her soulmate, Matty. What really sucks is she can't meet the one man she is actually interested in. Her run from Preston eventually includes monks, computer hacking, shopping, murder, and a meditation on her past and how it has impacted her future.

Candy in Action is an entertaining book, although I found the second half to much more entertaining than the first. Candy's personality becomes more intriguing as the book continues. At the beginning, she seems like just another vapid blonde. I found it incredibly annoying to hear how she was manipulating men into lusting after her. After all, she just rejects all of them. Later on, we get to see a deeper side to her character. She becomes more human and easier to relate to. The trouble is, I don't see who I could recommend this book, too. Candy at the beginning would appeal to the Gossip Girl crowd. Candy at the end seems more like something that would appeal to he superhero crowd. It's an interesting concept for a book. I would have liked to see more depth to Candy in the beginning. Not fleshed out but subtly dropped in. I almost quit reading the book because of this.

The other problem I had was that a I found her relationship with Matty to be annoying. She was almost obsessed with him. And he was always on the internet? How lame. I didn't see what the appeal was to Candy. They were talking a lot but it sounded awful mindless.

This book is at its best when Candy is fighting off the stalker or going through a tragedy. I enjoyed many of the characters, especially Mr. Patterson and Handler.

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