August 20, 2010

The Heavy Follow in Dance: Yikes!

I am extremely sensitive to any type of verbal criticism, even if it's the constructive type.  My primary love language is words:  they can heal or hurt my heart instantly.  However, some of the most dramatic positive changes in my life have come out of my taking in constructive criticism and making changes when I saw the benefit.

In dance, I haven't had too much feedback yet as to things I could be doing better, but I knew it would come eventually.  And it did . . . in the form of these dreaded words: heavy follow.  Yikes!  Crippity crap, what does that mean?  It doesn't sound good, whatever it is.  I also have this sinking feeling that I remember reading somewhere that the way we dance reveals the way we live.  And so, I have been reflecting on this issue of being a heavy follow, whether it is in dancing or relationships or life.  Fortunately, if I keep myself from throwing up from the temporary pain of having to listen to something I am not doing perfectly, I can usually learn from and correct said mistakes.

So what is a heavy follow?  A heavy follow is difficult to navigate.  This could be for several reasons: too much tension in the arms or in the body.