January 05, 2014

Product Review: SAF Organics feat. Lotion Bars

I wanted to write about a line of products I've just been introduced to called SAF Organics.  The founder is actually a personal friend of mine, so I've received some samples.  I was so impressed with the products, I wanted to let my readers know about them, particularly the lotion bars!!!

I have very sensitive skin that always becomes very dry in the winter.  I always complain that my hands look like "old lady" hands in the winter because they develop scales from the dry, cold weather.  I also get dry feet, which I hate.  Regular lotion doesn't help; it just seems to absorb and last only a short time before my skin feels dry again.  The last thing I tried was a hand cream.  A nurse recommended cream rather than lotion because she said it was stronger.  So that helped a little.

When Stephanie Ferguson, owner of SAF Organics, gave me a lotion bar, I was skeptical.  I have never liked bars of any kind.  Once I discovered liquid hand soap, I never went back to soap bars.  I wasn't sure that a bar would release lotion of any kind that I could rub into my hands.

However, I am in love with these lotion bars.