January 05, 2014

Product Review: SAF Organics feat. Lotion Bars

I wanted to write about a line of products I've just been introduced to called SAF Organics.  The founder is actually a personal friend of mine, so I've received some samples.  I was so impressed with the products, I wanted to let my readers know about them, particularly the lotion bars!!!

I have very sensitive skin that always becomes very dry in the winter.  I always complain that my hands look like "old lady" hands in the winter because they develop scales from the dry, cold weather.  I also get dry feet, which I hate.  Regular lotion doesn't help; it just seems to absorb and last only a short time before my skin feels dry again.  The last thing I tried was a hand cream.  A nurse recommended cream rather than lotion because she said it was stronger.  So that helped a little.

When Stephanie Ferguson, owner of SAF Organics, gave me a lotion bar, I was skeptical.  I have never liked bars of any kind.  Once I discovered liquid hand soap, I never went back to soap bars.  I wasn't sure that a bar would release lotion of any kind that I could rub into my hands.

However, I am in love with these lotion bars. 
You do have to press down on them to get the lotion to glide onto your skin, but once you have done that, it rubs in just like regular lotion, and it's strong.  If I put it on before bed, I can still feel it in the morning.  It makes my skin feel awesome.

I also love that you can take these on an airplane.  They block liquids being carried onto a plan now, but bars are still allowed, so it would be a great way to keep moisturized on the plan, while your liquid lotions are in your check-on baggage.

Your skin will be thanking you for multiple reasons.  The products are gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and totally organic.  Stephanie makes these products right in her kitchen, so I can test to their authenticity.  Currently the lotion bars come in Morning Breeze and Spiced Orange scents.  I encourage you to give her products a try!

To top off all of these great reasons, the prices are reasonable.  Lotion bars are only $10.  There are many more products, such as lip balms, bath products, facial masks, and cleansing bars.  

You can find all of her products at SAFOrganics.com

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